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 The Guild Bank

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PostSubject: The Guild Bank   The Guild Bank Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 3:29 am

Some information to keep in mind about the guild bank:

The first tab is free-for-all, so anyone can put items in and withdraw any item they so desire up to their withdrawal limit. This means that you may want to think twice about depositing anything into the guild bank that you want used in a specific manner - if you are planning to take the item(s) back out at a future date for yourself, or want them to go to another guild member, or for whatever way you want them used, they may not be there. If you have specific plans for items, it would be better to keep them in your personal bank so that you can be the person in charge of deciding what gets done with them.

Even though the first tab is free-for-all, please do not take items to sell to the vendor or to put on the auction house. It is preferred that you only take items that your character will use. The guild leader may occasionally remove and sell or disenchant items, but all gold and DE mats from these sales will be deposited back in the guild bank.

More valuable items (blue items, primals, etc.) can be put in the second tab, which is a locked tab. Please talk to an officer about depositing or withdrawing from the second tab.

Please do not put items in the guild bank that have little or no use or value to anyone else. This includes, but is not limited to, grey items (= “vendor trash”), extremely low-level items like level 5 whites/greens, extremely rare items that are only used in one recipe that nobody will be making (like Larval Acid), or profession-only-equip items such as engineering items that can only be used by engineers (why do we have target dummies in our bank?!?!?! somebody please use them!) – unless there are several people of that profession that can use the item, or if it is also a quest item (like hi-explosive bombs).

Gold deposited in the guild bank is for purchasing new bank tabs, or for tank repairs (from tanking guild events, if needed). The amount you deposit is entirely up to you, but please do not deposit more than you feel comfortable giving up to the guild bank. We are not in dire need of another tab or tank repairs at this time, so don't feel obligated to deposit anything.

And last, but not least, the first tab of the guild bank is getting full!! Let me know if there is stuff I need to get rid of cyclops

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The Guild Bank
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