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 Rules For Looting:

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PostSubject: Rules For Looting:   Rules For Looting: Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 10:57 am

Rules for Looting:
When doing any guild event, be it an instance or a raid, the loot will usually be set to group loot. While it is tempting to "Need" on any good item that comes up, please be considerate of your group members. You should only "Need" on items that the character you are currently playing can use. If this is not the case but you really want the item for one of your alternates, please ask the group's permission before choosing need. The only exception to this is enchanters. While enchanters can always use items for disenchanting please be considerate of your group mates. Disenchanting every good item, while providing great materials for the guild, often shortchanges your group members. However, if you find an item that will disenchant into a material used in a popular enchant, then by all means need on the item but know that it is expected that you use the said material for an enchant within the guild. All players may roll for greed on an item.
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Rules For Looting:
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